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With respect to electronics:

Jorgen Brinkman (STEIM), Gerard van den Boomen Faculty Industrial Design of the TU Eindhoven (Tue),

With respect to manufacturing:

Bert Lonsain, Wim Scheepers (TUe), Atelier Pfeiffer and Adrian Freed (CNMAT, Berkeley) Hannah Perner Wilson (MIT and kobakant) and the people of the FABlab in Utrecht where I made the metal frame with their milling machine.

With respect to software:

The IMTR team of IRCAM for developing the FTM & Co library (Norbert Schnell and Diemo Schwarz in particular) and also the development of their vocoder SuperVP

Gwion Lopez for making pictures.

Furthermore these people for a variety of reasons:

Jeanine Kierkels, Colette van Montfort, Meike van den Broek, Rutger Menges, Jan Belon, Menno Meijer (TUe), Jorrit Tamminga, Marcel Wierckx (HKU), Jos Zwanenburg (Conservatory of Amsterdam), Cort Lippe (University at Buffalo), Edwin van der Heide, Michel Waisvisz (STEIM), Ann La Berge.

Finally I want to thank all the developers of the Arduino environment and contributors of the Arduino Forum. I think they are doing a great job in democratizing the world of innovation and any way make it a lot more fun!!!