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The Electrumpet

The electrumpet is a hybrid electroacoustic instrument that I started developing in 2008. In 2009 it was presented at the NIME conference in Pittsburgh. In that year I also started using it in my band Tetzepi. In 2012 it was played in a concert at the NIME conference together with Diemo Schwarz. The same duo was among the final four laureates of the IRCAM forum competition resulting in a performance at Gaite Lyrique. In 2013 the Electrumpet won the Margareth Guthman competition. A competition for new musical instrument organized at the Georgia Tech University in Atlanta.

The idea behind the instrument is in line with my stipulation of ‘true hybrid play’. The design of the hardware is such that it mimics normal playing actions for a great deal. Additional knobs are placed in such a way that they are very comfortably reachable from the normal playing position and do not compromise it.

The software facilitates ‘true hybrid play’ as well. Recognition software is used in combination with for example FFT to generate new overtone structures or note and chord specific spectral delays. The idea is to continue in this fashion to come to a vast repertoire of choices.

The Electrumpet a hybrid electroacoustic instrument.