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Material List
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Not all materials used will be showed over here. Only if they have a certain relevance in the design.

Digital valves: 8FLP10A potmeter with an added spring (can be ordered like this)!!! and brass push surfaces from the model train shop.

Pressure sensors (FSR): Fabric pressure sensors custom made by myself on the basis of the WEBsite/instructable by Hannah Perner-Wilson.

Ribbon controller: Softpot linear membrane potentiometer: EZtronics / Sparkfun

(air) pressure sensors: MPXV7002DP (Freescale sample)


For construction:

LCD and Arduino mini holder: Electronics box cut for the screen to be seen.

Plastic Arduino holder: vacuum formed after clay and plaster modeling

Ribbon controller holder: cut from an electronics box.

standard electronic PCB board

standard trumpetharp construction to hold LCD

Frame: A sheet of brass with a thickness of 1 mm.

Plastic mouthpiece: Kelly mouthpieces

Mouthpiece holder: